All photography by Larry Reichman

I am producing a quality coffee table book that I plan to publish in September 2017, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the show. It will tell the story of the day.  First, the setup:  building the stage; setting up the lighting; erecting the sound system; and sound check. Then the fans gather. Next you will see photos of the entire show, starting with the band getting locked in during New Minglewood Blues and ending as they take it to the next level with electrifying photos of Morning Dew and the encore.  

The photos will be artistically arranged so that not only the images, but the entire book will delight your eye. The book will be professionally printed to the highest quality standards, and bound in hardcover. This volume will be a wonderful record of an historic and magical show and a beautiful document of a Grateful Dead performance at a special period in the life of the band.

Working with the original negatives, I've selected the images I want to share and am working with a graphic designer on the book's final layout. Thanks to my 295 fabulous backers, I just successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign to pay for the printing. My plan is to have the book printed and ready for distribution by September 2017. Send me an email (link below) if you want me to let you know when the book is available for purchase. 

Fans of the Grateful Dead will never completely agree about which one of their over 2,300 concerts was the best, but there is some consensus about the tape of their Barton Hall performance at Cornell University on May 8, 1977. The soundboard recording of this show has achieved almost mythic status among “Deadhead” tape traders because of its excellent sound quality and early accessibility, as well as its musical performances.
— Induction into the National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress, May 23, 2012, to "be preserved as cultural, artistic and/or historical treasures for generations to come."